You can call on me for:

  • Giving book talks
    I am available to talk about my San Francisco history book and editing books. Contact me at
  • Creating book trailers
    With over 75 years in the movie biz, Jay Scherberth and I formed PictureYourBook to create enjoyable, effective, economic trailers that help authors promote their work. Learn more at our website.
  • Writing books, screenplays, and articles.
    I have a variety of interests in addition to film and history and thrive on learning new subjects, so I am open to many writing assignments. I also have several scripts that I’d love to see make it to screen some day.
  • Teaching courses on film editing theory and practice
    Presently I am passionate about teaching a course I created on the current state of film editing and all its magical and mundane aspects. Learn more about the course (which can be easily transposed to online learning).

What lights my fire?
The connecting thread in my work as a writer, editor, and teacher is my joy in creating, structuring, and organizing, material for an audience. The audience may be a reader of a book, a learner online or in a classroom, or a viewer of a video or movie.

I thrive on playing with words, pictures, and sounds to entertain, to teach, to guide – to hold an audience. I am glad to help you do the same.