On December 1 I wrote about community project that resulted in the marvelous tiled Hidden Garden Steps sign in San Franciscosteps at 16th and Moraga, well there’s another set of steps a stone’s throw away at 16th and Kirkham. Poppy tile at Hidden Garden Steps in San Francisco A docent stationed on these steps answered patiently informative. The Moraga project of 12 flights of steps proved a real booster for the neighborhood – raising morale and the looks of this Inner Sunset district neighborhood, improving health as people walk and run the steps, and connecting neighbors and visitors alike.

So when neighbors a few blocks away at 16th and Kirkham asked the artist if she would like to design another set of steps, she was delighted. Hidden Garden Steps in San Francisco The Kirkham steps are just as vibrant as the Moraga if not more, and much less traversed. So drive or walk the few blocks and enjoy. The docent told me that there are tiled steps in the Bayview neighborhood on Innes but I could find nothing online. Please make a comment if you have information.

Hidden steps with docent

leaning on railing at top right.

The docent also said that at California and 32nd Ave. a new set of tiled steps is under construction.Butterfly tiles at Hidden Garden Steps in San Francisco So if you want to see how these steps come together, go there. In the meantime, enjoy a couple of photos of the 16th and Kirkham steps. One last note, both sets of steps are like a fan: When you look up the steps you see the intricate mosaic tile design, when you look down the steps you see no tiles or design at all.

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