What’s a flash cut? Smash cut? Green screen effect? What does an editor do besides cut the filmed footage together? Film Editing for Filmmakers and Movie Lovers: Making an Invisible Art Visible is a course designed to demystify editing by 1) explaining the editor’s role – both magical and mundane and 2) demonstrating the different types of cuts that editors make, why they make them and, how they affect the audience.

The course explores scenes from different types of TV shows and movies for how the editing shapes plot, pace, character, structure, timing, etc. I invite students’ observations and participation; class exercises and optional homework expand the experience.
The course covers the three phases of the editing process and looks at the history and evolution of editing in the U.S. It also delves into the impact of visual effects, sound, and music on film and video projects. Winding up, it takes an incisive look at the traditional, Hollywood style of linear, “invisible” editing, citing current research and contrasting it with the modern, non-linear, often unabashedly visible MTV style of editing.
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